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Tonight, 6-7:40 pm EDT on, see me on the Almost Amateur Hour!

WFMU's a freeform radio station in Jersey City, and I'm a fan of an experimental talk show they have called 'Seven Second Delay’, whose hosts are Ken Freedman and Andy Breckman. They’re funny guys; Andy used to write for Saturday Night Live — he wrote the ‘White Like Me' Eddie Murphy sketch — and he also had an incarnation as a humorous folk singer. (His song 'Railroad Bill' is part of my repertoire.) The show isn't for everyone, but I find its flawed implementations of half-baked ideas to be frequently hilarious.

So last Friday I went down to WFMU in Jersey City for ‘Seven Second Delay’s Almost Amateur Hour’, where I and a dozen and a half other Seven Second Delay listeners were given two minutes and thirty-five seconds each to perform. There was also a similar number of judges, mostly WFMU DJs.

When I got there, frazzled and burnt out from the long drive, and 20 minutes after I was supposed to check in, I found Ken to tell him I had finally arrived. He told me:

"OK. You’re on after the juggler. After everyone’s done performing, the results will be tabulated. The performers will all then vote on who their favorite judge was. Once the winners have been announced, we’ll call all the performers to the stage, we’ll start up the smoke machine, and everyone will sing ‘I Shall Be Released’. You’ll then find yourself descending into a state of true peace and contentment for the first time in your life.”

I thought to myself: Clearly, some of that is a joke, but which parts?  To find out the answer to that question, and to see which performer and which judge were picked as the best, tune in tonight on from 6-7:40 pm!

You never know what you’re going to get with a random assemblage of seventeen or eighteen performers, but I was really impressed — pretty much everyone on the bill ranged from good to excellent. And there was a large, enthusiastic crowd. It was a really fun night, and almost worth the hour I spent crawling down the West Side Highway to the Holland Tunnel to get there.

I was on thirteenth (after the juggler).


I like other people’s dogs. I like to pet them and play with them and make them do tricks, and then at the end of the day, I like to give them back to their owners.

I actually wrote a song a few years ago about this sort of situation:

You know I used to have a dog, I loved to have that dog around,
But now that she is gone, I’m not gonna rush off to no pound.

It’s great to have a dog, that’s what all dog-owners say,
But I like having some freedom — you know that leash, it goes both ways.

I want me a part time dog, won’t keep me up late every night.
Some companionship here and there, once in a while she’ll treat me right

My part-time dog & I will cross paths every once in a little while.
I’ll give her treats and rub her tummy, love to see that doggy smile.

My part-time dog’ll be well-cared for, it just won’t be by only me.
Sharing dogs is very modern, so don’t you cluck your tongue at me.

I want me a part-time dog, one who’s sweet as she can be.
One who’ll always be happy to always stay part-time with me.

You know I ain’t no SOB who’d turn a hungry dog from his door.
I’d treat her well while she is mine, miss her when she goes next door.

It’ll be sad to see her go, watch her go so far away —
But trust me, man, it’d be sadder still if she’d stick around every day.

I want me a part-time dog, I guess I’ve told you the reasons why.
Now all I need’s to find a puppy who’s looking for a part-time guy.
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    Episode 28 - Guy Branum / Nate Fernald

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    Baby Geniuses Podcast

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s dissent in the Hobby Lobby case is all over the Internet, so I thought people might be interested in Guy Branum’s excellent and poignant tribute to Ginsburg in this old episode of the ‘Baby Geniuses’ podcast.  The discussion of Ginsburg starts around 20:20 in the recording.


Bongiorno, babies!!

This week on Baby Geniuses our guest is the delightful, passionate, knowledgeable, exquisite man GUY BRANUM! In one of our most informative episodes ever, Guy explains to us in no uncertain terms why we should all be worshipping Ruth Bader Ginsburg as the heroine that she is.

Then! Teen expert Nate Fernald McWilliams David gives us the three keys to understanding our most sought-after demographic. Mostly it’s about fruit snacks.

And also: fossil words! Weird facebook friends! Internet haters! LISA’S PUBES!!!! Will we get hoisted by our own respective petards??? Listen to find out!!

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Wonderful podcast music provided by Nate Heller.


This weekend I was a guest on my own podcast!



For the 26th episode of ‘Tell Me About Your Song’, guest host Tracie Potochnik talked to Jacob Haller about his song ‘Was The Moon Too Full?’, from his new album ‘Time To Break Up The Band’.

In the course of the discussion, we touched on the following topics:

You can get 'Was The Moon Too Full?' or the album it’s on from 75orLess or from Jacob’s bandcamp page, and you can find out more about Jacob on his website or on facebook or twitter.  You can also write to him at and ask to be added to his mailing list; he sends out a mailing about once a month listing upcoming shows and other news.

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chronosync asked:

are you a real news paper? why cant i find your paper anywhere? i once found it at the lieberry for free. why dont you make more t-shirts and have conteststs? will you be my mother? mothers need mothers too. i really like your news. please bring more papers to the city of worcester, ma. when will you be big enough to get some shit done? when will you not be low rent, but instead big and high rent? important rent. what are your feelings about drugs and stuff? did you ever inhale water? what abou


are you a real news paper?
- yes

why cant i find your paper anywhere?

- not looking / you didn’t yet subscribe / you have yet to become a distributor / you value darkness-complaint over candle-lighting / our distribution is lacking.

i once found it at the lieberry for free. why dont you make more t-shirts and have conteststs?

- some new shirt designs coming up. maybe some contests.

will you be my mother? mothers need mothers too.

- this question is too much to unpack right now.

i really like your news. please bring more papers to the city of worcester, ma.

- you do it

when will you be big enough to get some shit done?

- i don’t understand this question

when will you not be low rent, but instead big and high rent? important rent.

- low rent is important.

what are your feelings about drugs and stuff?

- everyone is on drugs all the time.

did you ever inhale water?

- yes, at the beach.

what abou

Vassiriki Abou Diaby (French pronunciation: ​[abu djabi]; born 11 May 1986), known as Abou Diaby, is a French footballer of Ivorian descent who plays for English club Arsenal in the Premier League and the France national team. He primarily plays as a box-to-box central midfielder, as he is adept in both attack and defence, and is described as a player who is “languid, elusive, and athletic” that can either “dribble past opponents or slip passes to team-mates”. Diaby also possesses “superb touch” and “excellent close control”, however he often struggles with repetitive injuries, a problem that has existed since his time in France. His physical appearance and positional preference have evoked comparisons to Arsenal legend and compatriot Patrick Vieira.

Mothers News answers the important questions.

denialtwister asked:

Hey there! How does John Linnell amplify his accordion(s)? I'm quite curios! Also, any advice for playing accordions in live venues! Cheers! :)


JL’s accordion has 3 microphones mounted inside the grill of the accordion going to wireless packs. The mice are super-small—I think they were designed for television or the theatrical stage. The work quite well although they occasionally turn in the rigging and the “sweet spot” gets funky” (and occasionally the fall off the rigging completely which sounds like a musical garbage truck colliding with an iron lung) 

dear 98% of the people that follow me that dont talk to me



Who are you

Whats your favorite color

Favorite ship

Favorite ice cream flavor

Do you have a cat


ooh ooh ooh! yes!

Favorite color? Blue.

Favorite ship? I don’t really participate in fandom that way — but, with that said, around seven years ago I happened across some Torchwood fanfic that was centered on Captain Jack knitting and flirting with people which made me pretty happy. (one example / another example)

Favorite ice cream flavor — Three Sisters in Providence used to have a Mexican chocolate ice cream that I loved, but they don’t have it any more. The dirty mint ice cream there is pretty good though.

Regarding cats — I don’t own a cat — I like cats but I also find not having one kind of enjoyable. I do sing a couple of songs about cats, though. (And one about dogs.)

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